Our café caters two menus one for you and one for the pets. You can choose from both the vegetarian as well as the non-vegetarian menu based on your pet’s preference. It’s hard to improve on what Nature intended. You can feed your dog and cat a well-balanced, nutritional diet just the way nature intended and all our dishes are made from fresh produce brought from the local markets every day just to cater to that.


                                                                              The in-house chef is trained to whip up healthy meals for your pets. The café staff are also well trained to cater to your pets and your needs. They are all pet friendly and will provide the best care to you all. We provide a range of food for your pets like minced meat, boiled chicken with rice and vegetables, steamed vegetables and rice etc. to name a few. And the food for the pet parents also has many varieties like Sandwiches, Chinese, pancakes, omelettes etc. 

                                                                             The playground is approx. 5000 sq. feet in area. It is fitted with equipment’s to train your dogs. The in-house pets are very friendly and are always ready to play with your pets. The playground is an off-leash area so that your pet can have all the fun they want without any restrictions and it is segregated into 2 areas- one for play and the other for training. It has 2 tunnels and is fully covered in grass. It is designed so as to your pets have the best times of their lives. It is the most integral part of our café as the whole idea behind the café is to provide a place for your pet which is large and fun where they can run, climb, chase etc. and leave with their hearts happy and their muscles aching. There is a puppy zone as well where your puppy can play off-leash in your watch.


Area of Service



Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 10 am - 7 pm

​​Saturday/Sunday and Public Holidays: 8 am - 7 pm



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